October Zoning Committee Meeting Agenda

The October Zoning Committee Meeting is scheduled for October 7, 2015.  At this time, there are two residential variance applications and one commercial special exception application as follows:

299 Moreland Avenue – V-15-222

Applicant seeks a special exception from the zoning ordinance to reduce the number of required off-street parking spaces from 54 spaces to 24 spaces to allow the conversion of retail to restaurant. (Pending lot consolidation)

505 Oakdale Road – V-15-315

Applicant seeks a variance to reduce the required north side yard setback from the required 7 ft. to 3ft. in order to allow for the construction of a swimming pool. Applicant also seeks a special exception to allow active recreation in a yard adjacent to a street where otherwise not permitted.

376 Candler Park Drive – V-15-256

Applicant seeks a variance to reduce the south side yard setback from 7ft to 6.3 ft to expand the existing second floor living space over the existing first floor space; reduce the north side yard setback from 7ft to 4.9 ft to expand the existing second floor living space over the existing first floor space; reduce the east front yard setback from 35 ft to 32.4 for the purpose of establishing conformity of an existing screened porch and existing second floor space above the porch.

The meeting will be held at Epworth Church at 1561 Mclendon Avenue at 7:00 p.m. on October 7, 2015.  We hope everyone can join us!

Chipotle Sets Its Sights On Little Five Points

Chipotle is interested in joining our neighborhood and wants to move into the long-vacant building at 299 Moreland Avenue NE (just north of Sherwin Williams). But first, the new property owner, Brad Johnson, needs a special exception for parking to convert the existing retail space into a restaurant for Chipotle to operate.

The new property owner has taken affirmative steps to gain Candler Park and Little Five Points Business Association support for the special exception and Chipotle. The Special Exception Application No. V-15-222 was presented to the LFPBA in August, and the business owners in attendance demonstrated tentative support for the Application request. The next step is meeting with Candler Park residents and presenting at the October 7, 2015 Zoning Committee meeting.

To learn more about this Application and Chipotle’s design plans for the property, the Zoning Committee meeting on October 7 is open to the public so please swing by! Here’s a copy of the site plan.

Bylaws changes to be considered in September

Bylaws changes to be considered in September
By Ken Edelstein
The CPNO Bylaws Review Committee has presented a final draft proposal to our Board of Directors. This sets the stage for consideration of a major bylaws update by both the Board and the membership in September.
Among other steps, the draft includes a new lineup for the Board officers, a longer grace period for membership renewal, and a stronger system of committees designed to engage more residents in improving the neighborhood. A summary of the changes can be viewed here. A redlined draft is here.
Committee chair Jay Sandhaus and members Kate Cantrell, Scott Lenhart and Bonnie Palter worked on their review over six months. They honed the draft proposal with the help of multiple discussions at CPNO Members Meeting, a special hearing, straw polls, and consultations with individual board members.
The committee members brought significant expertise to the topic: Cantrell is a former Inman Park Cooperative Preschool board president and current non-profit leader, Lenhart is an attorney for a major nonprofit (CARE), Palter is CPNO’s longtime recording secretary, and Sandhaus is a former CPNO president. Sandhaus’ approach was to test the waters for various changes, and then to revise the proposals so that the overall plan stood a good chance at consensus.
Now, it’s up to the Board and the membership to consider the draft proposal. As of today, I’m planning to place the recommendations on the Board’s Sept. 14 agenda. Our current Bylaws (and for that matter, the committee’s proposal) require Bylaws amendments to get a majority vote from the Board and a two-thirds vote in the Members’ Meeting. If the Board approves the committee’s proposal, or an amended version, the membership will consider that plan as passed by the board at its Sept. 21 meeting.